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Parametric API allows you to sell parametric insurance on your market.

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  • Built by Meteo Protect, the experts of automated parametric insurance and an award-winning leader.
  • Vivaldi, Meteo Protect’s automated underwriting platform performs structuring, risk analysis, pricing, underwriting, portfolio management and claims management in fully digitized continuum, providing the best possible service to partnering distributors.
  • You will leverage our extensive experience in underwriting parametric insurance policies to manage the regulatory and compliance complexity and avoid complex portfolio risk management.

Parametric insurance: an amazing opportunity

  • Fully automated products, allow you to focus on user experience and on sales and marketing.
  • We can support you in any market provided regulatory boxes are ticked.
  • We help you set up everything, apart from sales and marketing, that’s your job!

Set up flows: 

both information and financial flows will be smooth and efficient.

Easy steps

Set up the relationship with us and get the regulatory aspects under control: there are various acceptable set-ups, don’t hesitate to ask us.

Create your product catalog

we have a library of 300 parametric insurance products ready to sell, and we are always happy to create new ones for you if you have new ideas.

You are in business !





  • Insurance companies who want to add parametric products to their catalog
  • Insurance brokers who want to meet customer demand
  • Ambitious startups who want to ride the parametric wave
  • Businesses whose clients and/or products are weather-sensitive
  • Co-operative or associations whose members need weather insurance

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Parametric APi is built by Meteo Protect, the experts on automated parametric insurance.


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